Luke 9:28-36

O light of everlasting love
By which the world was made,
Illume your people from above
With veins of gold inlaid.

O light of never-ending fire
On Moses’ holy tree,
Consume our darkness on your pyre,
And set your people free.

O light of eye, O life of mind,
O love of hopeful heart,
By which we see, and know, and find—
Reveal your loving art.

O light of sorrow, joy of pain
By which we are made clean,
O loving cruelty divine,
Create eternal sheen.

O hidden light, unseen, unknown,
O ray of darkness deep,
How long since you yourself have shown—
How long must we yet weep?

O light in darkness on the cross,
O glory hid in shame,
O burn away in us our dross,
And take away our blame.

O light, O seed, O holy one,
O in our hearts reside.
O make a house, a hearth, a home,
And there, fore’er, abide.

O Lord, all we with unveiled face
To you look for repose,
For light, for life, for love, for place,
For sight we shall not lose.

Demo with music by Greg Scheer (Press m for music)

Harry Plantinga

Harry Plantinga is a professor of computer science at Calvin University and the director of and