The Unretreat: Everything Belongs

What's an "unretreat"?

In a retreat, you get away from it all to pray, to be in solitude, to spend time with God. But retreats take time and money and freedom from daily duties. Is it possible to have a similar experience, at home, with a smaller amount of time each day, over a longer period? Let's find out!

This "unretreat" is a spiritual formation class to be held at Church of the Servant CRC, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the spring of 2024. We'll meet February 11 and 25, March 10 and 24, April 7 and 21, and May 5 and 19, at 9 am, in room 17 (near the nursery). Between each meeting we'll meditatively read a chapter of Richard Rohr's book, Everything Belongs, and have other exercises.

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Harry Plantinga

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