Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? (Isaiah 6:1-13)


  • What is a divine calling? Is there a calling for every Christian? Are there multiple callings?
  • Is purification necessary? Empowerment?
  • Should we attempt to serve God without an explicit and personal call?
  • Why does Isaiah preach to close the eyes and ears of Israel? Is God always good to his people?
    • “Light enough is given in revelation to guide those sincerely seeking to know, in order that they may do, God’s will; darkness enough is left to confound the willfully blind” — JFB Commentary on the Whole Bible
    • Do you think Isaiah found his preaching job fulfilling? Did it make him happy? Or are these the wrong questions?
  • Why did God send Israel into exile? [See Isaiah 1]
  • A tenth part — a remnant to be saved? Why not all?
  • Why is God hidden? Is he hidden from me?


  • Traditionally, Isaiah was sawn in half in Manasseh’s reign, on the pretext that he saw God. However, according to John 12:41, in verse 10 Jesus Christ is speaking, so maybe Isaiah saw the Son, not the Father.
  • In Acts 28:25-27, the words of verse 10 are attributed by Paul to the Holy Spirit

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